7-time Grammy Award winner Paul Wertico, David Cain, and Larry Gray continue to cultivate their artistic exploration of new worlds of sound-making: “original and visionary music from original and visionary musicians.” Wertico Cain & Gray came together to realize new music and art, winning a prestigious live performance album award along the way, and gathering international audiences in search of sonic stimulation. Chicago-based, this spontaneous trio composes and orchestrates everything in real-time, melting acoustic and electronic sounds with new-tech and word- tech, in-sync with an inner muse that connects to the universe of possibilities, and musically conversing to the point of sheer telepathy.

“Cain Takes on the Wild West with Waves. Composer mixes latest jazz trio album in surround.” Pro Sound Network News.

David Cain has released a new album of Piano Improvisations titled Meditations. MEDITATIONS is the story of improvisational time capsules, moments of musical meditation. The spontaneous recordings were inspired by the memory of David Cain’s composer-mentor, Dr. Roque Cordero.

WCG’s 5th album Short Cuts – 40 Improvisations pioneers spontaneous composition. “Our intention was to create short, spontaneous compositions. These 40 tracks form a complete compositional thought. The mixes were realized as living, breathing moments of creative flow and the titles of the tracks vibrate as poetry that tells our story.” Sublime, integrated, spontaneous flow. Just like life. And we love life. Music @ iTunes and CD Baby. Please check out a few tracks from Short Cuts: #9 “on, inside or behind,” #28 “where we transform,” and #32 “our hopes.”

WCG’s 4th album, REALIZATION, is the story of back-to-back improvisational time capsules, one at The S.N. Shure Theater, Shure Incorporated headquarters, and one at Reelsounds Chicago. “Original and visionary music from original and visionary musicians”  S. Victor Aaron. Music @ iTunes, CD Baby and Video-On-Demand.

Organic Architecture (2014)  Improvised live at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Dana-Thomas House. Music @ iTunes, CD Baby and Video On-Demand.

Out In SPACE (2013)  Improvised live at Evanston SPACE. Music @  iTunes and CD Baby.

Wertico, Cain & Gray’s CD  “Sound Portraits” won Best Live Performance Album in the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards (2014). Music @  iTunesCD Baby and  Video On-Demand

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