Without Compromise (VR 360), by Wertico Cain & Gray. Welcome to the virtual world of Wertico Cain & Gray. We’d like to welcome you to our VR 360 recording session at Reelsounds Chicago studios.

Without Compromise (2D Animated Version), by Wertico Cain & Gray

“This is a wonderful, curious, enigmatic, and virtuosic musical experience, in which the artists build soundscapes that will take you into new worlds. You will hear groove and grit, form and formlessness. This production will keep you thinking and stretching for days.” Kabir Sehgal (Grammy winning producer and NYT & WSJ best-selling author).

DUOs with David Cain: 12 improvisations
It is a beautiful thing to experience the free flow and exchange of ideas. It is even more beautiful thing to experience the magic that results from two people agreeing to spontaneously collaborate to create music, dance, video, art… All the things we are become infinite and spontaneous creative possibilities. My collaborators: Paul Wertico (drums), Larry Gray (cello), Luda Bella (dance), and special guest Meghan Loman (aerialist), are sharing our inner most thoughts, feelings, and stories with you. Please enjoy the results of our communion with each other and the muse. If you enjoy music as life, as truth, then please check out the Wertico Cain & Gray trio’s collection of musical adventures. Special thanks to Waves audio, ROLI, Drum Workshop, Shure audio…

Realization, by Wertico Cain & Gray. WCG brings together worlds of styles and inspirations into moments of reality. It’s music for people who love to live an adventure through music, and dream through sound. ““Original and visionary music from original and visionary musicians” S. Victor Aaron

Organic Architecture, by Wertico Cain & Gray

Sound Portraits, by Wertico Cain & Gray

DUOs by David Cain & Collaborators

Short Cuts: 40 Improvisations, by Wertico Cain & Gray

NIGHT aka “Don’t Bother Me About Project Management” ~ Music improvised in Chicago @ Reelsound Studios filmed in Chicago, filmed in Chicago, edited and visualized in the multiverse.

Life. Music. Are all a series of Conversations. Paul Wertico, David Cain & Larry Gray discuss their new album, REALIZATION, and share insights about spontaneous music, improvisation, collaboration, recording, tradition, new technology… (recorded at the Jazz Showcase, Chicago, December 5, 2015)

Organic Architecture

Sound Portraits visually represents our spontaneous musical offerings. At the beginning of the post-production process, Paul and I discussed the fact that live concert video from a spontaneous group effort is not well represented  via traditional forms, which favor director/editor cutting techniques, because this method forsakes some of the the magic moments of the trio performance lost in the cuts. So we decided to create a visual composition that captures the majority of our group effort (exceptions being the removal of unusable footage), and thereby allows the viewer to be the director; ultimately, the viewer chooses what to see. My choices for video compositing, special FX, and color-grading were attempts to create a “painting” of the experience, from which Paul came up with the project title, Sound Portraits.

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