Without Compromise (VR 360, HD, Stereo and 5.1)

Welcome to the virtual world of Wertico Cain & Gray. We’d like to welcome you to our VR 360 recording session at Reelsounds Chicago studios.

Without Compromise puts you into the studio with 7-time Grammy winner Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group), David Cain & Larry Gray to witness a recording session of 100% improvised music, blending new and classic sounds with the latest audio and visual technologies. You will be seated in the middle of the studio’s main recording room, 7 feet from Paul, David & Larry. And each experience of Without Compromise allows you to explore different views with your VR goggles, phone, tablet and computer in amazing stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Or watch the “Flat Earth” and Dual HD animated versions!

“This is a wonderful, curious, enigmatic, and virtuosic musical experience, in which the artists build soundscapes that will take you into new worlds. You will hear groove and grit, form and formlessness. This production will keep you thinking and stretching for days.” Kabir Sehgal (Grammy winning producer)

This project is very special – our 7th album – so we pushed the media and experience envelope by creating multiple versions of the session: 4k 360 VR, Dual HD Animated, and Flat Earth HD. The original footage was captured with an 8k Insta360 Pro. The high-definition stereo mix is ear candy. The 5.1 adds sweetness to your listening experience. Note: Contact us about the 5.1 versions. Now you can be there in the moment with us. You are the director. We hope you enjoy the music and the experience!


7-time Grammy Award winner Paul Wertico, David Cain, and Larry Gray explore new worlds of sound-making and filmmaking as Wertico Cain & Gray (WCG). All things are possible for this trio, as they plan nothing ahead of time, or even discuss what they are going to play, freeing them to go in the direction of their dreams, to become WCG dreams, and sharing those dreams with their listeners.

WCG’s 4th album, REALIZATION, is the story of back-to-back improvisational time capsules, one at The S.N. Shure Theater, Shure Incorporated headquarters, and one at Reelsounds Chicago. This spontaneous trio composes and orchestrates everything in real-time, melting acoustic and electronic sounds with new-tech and word- tech, in-sync with an inner muse that connects to the universe of possibilities, and musically conversing to the point of sheer telepathy.

Realization filmmaking by David Cain is reminiscent of the Renoir and Godard auteur theory, with a personal signature visible from film to film, relating to how you experience life.

Organic Architecture

Organic Architecture is a seamless, genre-expanding marriage of sound and vision performed with a quality never before experienced. Inspired by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, 7-time Grammy winner Paul Wertico, David Cain and Larry Gray take musical artistry to unchartered waters with explosive, creative improvising that is truly on the cutting edge … A passionate, trailblazing, mind-blowing performance setting a new direction in music and video!

Captured live in concert at the beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright “Dana-Thomas House State Historic Site”. Wireless audience headphones and an array of amazing microphones provided by Shure.

Sound Portraits

Sound Portraits by Wertico Cain & Gray
~ “Awesome! A total trip! Amazing! Great music!” ~ Frank Alkyer, Publisher, DownBeat
~ Winner of the 2013 Independent Music Awards: Best Album, Live Performance

7-time Grammy Award Winner Paul Wertico, David Cain, and Larry Gray take musical artistry to unchartered waters with explosive, creative improvising that is truly on the cutting edge … and beyond. A passionate, trailblazing, mind-blowing performance setting a new direction in music and digital cinema!

Our creative goal was to let the audience be the director of our concert movie. By juxtaposing multiple camera angles, we were able to create a rich canvas of color, shapes, rhythm, movement… that would provide a unique visual journey for each viewing: Sound Portraits. Instead of the typical music performance video style of constant cuts to shots of individuals, excluding the other “stuff” of the performance., Sound Portraits allows “you” the audience to focus on whatever moves you, throughout the movie. The result: you can see most of the “stuff” of the performances.

Feast For The Senses

David Cain & Paul Wertico present a Feast For The Senses, recorded June 2, 2012 at The Hoogland Center for the Arts.

An Evening of Improvised Music presented by seven-time Grammy award winning drummer, Paul Wertico, and award winning musician, artist, filmmaker, author and composer David Cain (Geffen Records). Paul has performed with the Pat Metheny Group, Paul Winter, Kurt Elling, Larry Coryell… Brewing grooves, melodic expanses, telepathic interaction, kaleidoscopic textures, soulful words, jam-banders and jazz heads get it. The first of many collaborations between David and Paul!

David Cain: words, vocals, red sax, keys, Yamaha WX midi controller
Paul Wertico: drums, red kitched sink, portico, stage, pot & pans
Howard Freitag: blue guitar
David Hoffman: red & brass trumpets, keys, EWI, conch shell
Jim Cloney: blonde bass
Michael Wall: edrums, percussion
Sarah Genta: dance
Samantha Cremer: dance

David Cain & Paul Wertico – Feast for the Senses (2013)
An evening of improvised music becomes a thrilling journey into the imaginations of multi-instrumentalist David Cain and Grammy-awarding winning drummer Paul Wertico. Every time you think you’ve got this one nailed down, Feast for the Senses – which more than lives up to its title’s lofty promises – takes another astonishing turn. But this is no straight-ahead fusion record… (review link)

Bonus Videos

Windows Of Time Bonus Videos

Without Compromise – 2D Hand Painted Videos

Waves Audio Plugins

David Cain talks about his use of Waves audio plugins for live performance, mixing and mastering. We love Waves plugins!

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