Wertico Cain and Gray are expanding the boundaries of sound and image composition and performance. We recognize the partnerships with state-of-the-art equipment and software makers who make this possible. Our gear list:

Paul Wertico: Drum Workshop, Dream Cymbals, Remo and Pro-Mark. Shure mics and headphones.

David Cain: Waves audio plugins, Shure mics and headphones, ROLI Seaboards, Digital Performer, Selmer Mark VI candy apple red (custom) tenor sax, Yamaha WX-11.

Larry Gray: Double Basses: German Bass 1908 Lyon and Healy Label w Low C Extension and German Bass 1930s w Micelli Label. Pickups: David Gage Realist. Cello: Dawn Haddad 1985. Electric Basses: 1965 Fender Precision Bass modified to Fretless with Bartolini Electronics, 1980s Fender Squire Jazz Bass with EMG Electronics, Ken Smith 6 string Bass. Epiphone Sheraton Guitar. Shure mics and headphones.

Short Cuts – 40 Improvisations was recorded at Reelsounds Studios with vintage Shure & Neumann microphones from the 60s through the 90s. Engineered by Mark Brunner and Dean Giavaras. Other gear used:

Mixing Desk – AMEK “Angela” (early 80s)
Recording Console – Radar 24
Bass Drum – Shure Beta 52 (inside), Neumann U47 (outside)
Overheads – (2) Neumann U67 (Vintage 1961 era)
Snare – Shure Beta 56
Toms – (3) Shure SM98s (90s)
Tenor Sax – Neumann U47 (refurbished by Neumann in Berlin, 2001)
Shure KSM353 ribbon
Voice – Neumann U47
Double Bass – Neumann KM 54
Shure KSM 32 (on amp)
Tech 21 SansAmp Direct Box