Photos for Wertico Cain & Gray (WCG). Right-click (PC) or Control-Click (Mac) on link to download (JPEG).


WUIS – NPR Interview: Wertico Cain & Gray is a musical trio made up of Paul Wertico, David Cain and Larry Gray. Springfield musician David Cain and seven-time Grammy Award-winner Paul Wertico spoke to Community Voices about their new album, “Windows of Time,” which was recorded live and completely improvised.

Nakedly Examined Music Podcast #30: Paul Wertico and David Cain: Improv Without a Net
December 4, 2016 by Mark Linsenmayer. Seven-time Grammy winning drummer Paul Wertico and his multi-instrumentalist/filmmaker/soundscaper cohort David Cain are two-thirds of Wertico, Cain and Gray, an improvisational trio who have released five albums since 2013…

“Original and visionary music from original and visionary musicians… Spontaneous composition sounds so cool in the hands of @werticocaingray.” My rave of their new album ‘Realization’ (S. Victor Aaron)

Realization Press Release (2-15-16)

CD Cover Art for Realization (JPG 10MB)

Life. Music. Are all a series of conversations. Paul Wertico, David Cain & Larry Gray discuss their new album, REALIZATION, and share insights about spontaneous music, improvisation, collaboration, recording, tradition, new technology… (recorded at the Jazz Showcase, Chicago, December 5, 2015)

Creativity in music defines jazz studies professor and students. A new and innovative CD featuring 40 short improvisations by the Chicago-area trio Wertico Cain & Gray reflects the kind of philosophy that Roosevelt University professor Paul Wertico embraces in his teaching at Roosevelt’s Chicago College of Performing Arts (CCPA). Read more

NPR / WUIS Radio Interview: Musicians Create “Sound Portraits” by Rachel Otwell.

WCG – Out in SpaceReview (2014). “Wertico Cain and Gray sound of a piece – like old friends finishing each other’s sentences. And these are very, very interesting sentences… and excursion into free-form, completely symbiotic creativity.”

WCG Sound Portraits DVD Cover  – (JPG 3 MB)

WCG Trio Photo Standing – (JPG 3 MB)

WCG Trio Playing – (JPG 19 MB)

WCG Sound Portraits DVD-CD Aug. 11, 2013 Release Concert (PDF) –  WCG Press Release

WCG Sound Portraits – MP3 Excerpts Zip file (MP3s 14 MB)

WCG – Facebook Band Page

WCG – Making Music On The Fly – by Tom Irwin, Illinois Times

WCG – Sensorium – by Scott Faingold, Illinois Times

Riffing Reflections. Paul Wertico, David Cain & Larry Gray talk about the making of their new project, Sound Portraits, music and video: improvisation, collaboration, performance, old & new sound technology, editing & video art, production concepts, art…

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